The keys to success in property are simple; its all about having a clear strategy!

We believe property ownership is the single greatest wealth builder available to Australians.  It provides the real opportunity to control your financial future, nurture your family, travel, enjoy life and retire with peace of mind. We are passionate about the opportunity to share our expert knowledge and experience with those who want to create financial independence through property.

Understanding the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of successful property purchasing is all important.

Who are you buying for - Yourself to live in, a family member, or as an investment property?

What are you buying - An established property, land or a new house and land package, a property with development or renovation potential?

Where are you buying - Some suburbs, and in fact some property types perform at different rates, for different reasons in different timeframes? Have you considered long terms needs such as schools, transport, medical, employment and lifestyle needs.

When are you buying - Have you researched property cycles, do you understand how the property clock works, have you arranged your finance?

Why are you buying property - For capital growth, for return, for tax benefits and what is the best strategy for you long term.

How are you buying - Have you spoken to a trusted advisor about whether to buy in your own name, joint names, in your super or in an investment trust? 

In our many years in real estate and as property investors we've seen some absolutely dreadful decisions and some amazing outcomes. We've  personally experienced both ends of the spectrum, and learned some hard lessons along the way. We are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience with you even before you buy, so that you start with the right information and achieve the best result possible.

Buying well is the foundation of adding value, and in time selling well.

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